A contract for catering services with MANJUR – Marine Ship-chandler Service will free your business from a number of complex and resource-intensive processes:

1. The maintenance of incidental business

  • Outsourcing will save your organization from the necessity to hire and train additional staff, provide social guarantees for new employees; it will solve the problem of high personnel turnover.
  • No additional cost for catering is only possible with permanent financial and technical control, competent planning, and these require employees competent in this area.

2. Obtaining permits in supervisory authorities

  • This is one of the most difficult stages of catering organization, especially for the facilities that are in the process of construction.
  • We ourselves prepare a complete set of documents and take on the time and financial costs.

3. Responsibility for inspections and production control

MANJUR – Marine Ship-chandler Service takes the responsibility for the completion of all inspection checks.

4. Purchase and delivery of the necessary foodstuffs27-12-2014 16-36-20

For more than twenty-year history MANJUR – Marine Ship-chandler Service has earned well-established supply chains and significant discounts from food manufacturers.

5. The need to provide quality catering of the staff on an independent basis

The employees’ performance efficiency is directly dependent on the quality of food. We are very demanding to ourselves, so all the customers with whom we have ever worked appreciate our work. But most importantly, the rank and file workers expressed their sincere gratitude to us. There no little things in the catering business. We take into account the multi-national staff of our customers and, accordingly, their eating habits.